What permissions do I have after purchasing a track?: After purchasing a track from us, you will have the non-exclusive right to use that track in any single project in perpetuity. If you require an exclusive license, custom music can be created upon request.

What does "in perpetuity" mean?: "In perpetuity" means forever. So you will never have to renew the license to use the song in your project. However, if you wish to use the track in a different project, then you will need to purchase another license.

What if I need to use the track in multiple projects? In this case, we would be happy to create a custom license. Get in touch at darren@dkcmusicservice.com to discuss your requirements.

What is a Cue Sheet? A cue sheet is an industry standard document that must be completed to show what music has been used in a specific TV show, radio show, film, production or video. This helps the composers and songwriters to be paid fairly.

How do I obtain a license?  If you would like to license a track, contact darren@dkcmusicservice.com to get a quote and have your tracks emailed directly to you along with your license! 

Not quite found what you are looking for?  We can create a custom track for you at no extra cost. Just get in touch!